Client Testimonials

Make Ahead Meals 101 – Robin’s Presentation Was Immensely Helpful

…Thank goodness for Robin’s Make-Ahead-Meals presentation! Dinner time is evolving in our home. In the past, an hour or more of meal preparation was followed by a 15 minute meal and 30 minutes of post-meal clean up. As a working mom, I do not want to spend my few precious hours in the evening cooking or cleaning the kitchen. Robin’s presentation was immensely helpful. In addition to sharing preparation tips, easy to use tools, and recipes, she provided a sample calendar. This has been just what I needed. Calling out for pizza will no longer be my only option! I have created a family menu of favorites, and each week I plan our meals and cook once or twice. Grocery shopping is easier and less expensive, meals are more diverse, and clean-up time is significantly shorter. Hooray! Thanks Robin, for a fun, engaging, and informative presentation!

~Cassie, Rochester NY

I Felt Peace

The whole experience was informative, fun and amazing.  …When it was done, I felt something I do not ever remember feeling with such intense awareness.  Or at least not from an organizing experience.  I felt peace.  Yes, peace.  (Read the full testimonial HERE.)

~Margie, Ontario NY


Has a Wonderful Gift for Listening to What I Truly Want to Use an Area For

Working with Robin is such a joy and so easy!  I’m naturally hesitant to share with anyone the particularly embarrassing areas of my house, but Robin is so kind and sympathetic, and truly understands how things just get out of hand sometimes.  She has a wonderful gift for listening to what I truly want to use an area for and developing a pleasing, functional solution that will make it work for us.  And I’m amazed at how productive we were in the time she was here–we totally transformed my husband’s office area in a very short amount of time!  I love Robin’s insights and enthusiasm for what she does, and I had a thoroughly positive, fun experience with very pleasing results!

~Esther, Avon NY


Thanked You In My Heart Several Times a Day

Dear Robin,

Time Management for Moms was a great session!  I truly appreciate your guidance in getting me started on a workable schedule for keeping my kids activities organized on a day-to-day basis.

I have thanked you in my heart several times each day since we met last week.  The Bonkers Bin is wonderful.  It has kept me with some “happy ammo” for the crazy times of day.  My daughter loves the beanbags and making edible necklaces!!  I am slowly using things from the box and it is exciting for me, too.

I already mentioned to you that writing down the schedule for my day was helpful.  Well…it has been a key factor in helping me each day.  With it I can see at a glance when to do things and what kinds of things I might have time to do/need to do/enjoy doing.

I know it should be so basic, but it was something I could not wrap my brain around without your help.  Now I have it at my fingertips in my family binder, thanks to you, and I refer to it whenever I feel stumped.  And I am always helped.  Today I thought I was going to lose it with my 2 year old, and then I looked at my schedule.  I realized I had two hours and could drive to the park you suggested and we could push our babies around in strollers (giving me some exercise and getting some toddler wiggles out at the same time…brilliant!).  This was the second time in a week that that idea saved the day!!!!!!!!!!

So thank you thank you thank you!!!

~Genevieve, Livonia NY


More Free Time Than I Could Imagine

Meal planning 101 has totally changed my life!  No longer do I have to wonder “What’s for dinner?” because Robin has already planned out my month, including recipes and freezing directions!  It has given me more free time than I could imagine, and I actually find myself wondering what to do in between the (previously chaotic) hours of 4pm and 6pm.  Happiness!!

~ Christine, Livonia NY


Put Relief in My Life

Robin is a fantastic organizer!  She put relief in my life after making my kitchen island useful instead of a dumping station.  She organized my pantry, so now I can put groceries away with ease!  Robin is very easy to work with.  She finds just the right words to make you not feel uneasy about your lack of organizing techniques.

~Amy, Livonia NY


Made Our House A Home

Dear Robin,

I want to thank you for making our house a home!  The way that you’ve organized our rooms make it so much nicer; its easier to work in the kitchen, to find what you need and to clean up when you are done!  My family is so impressed that they are even helping to keep things in the right place.  My husband is so impressed at how nice these rooms look that he wants to work on the whole house!

~Patty, Livonia NY


Offered Helpful Direction and Encouragement

When Robin first started working with me, I couldn’t imagine things being any different- even though I was desperate for change.  I thought it would be a miracle if she could bring organized order to my home.  She worked right alongside me and offered helpful direction and encouragement as we transformed my house into a haven.  We are now living in the present…we have what we use, where we use it, in this part of our life.  It is amazing the talent she has in finding a place for everything so that everything has a place.  Plus, she repurposed many things I already had and loved.  Thank you, Robin, for bringing peace and harmony to me and my home.

~Lucille, Livonia NY


Totally New Look, Feel and Function

Simplified and organized do not adequately describe the transformation that Robin can bring to your home.  My good friend’s living room was a nice, large room with pretty furniture.  I was amazed when we walked into her home recently and saw that the living room had been transformed into a warm, inviting and comfortable space.  The seating area focused on their fireplace which I had previously barely noticed!  The bonus was that the new arrangement of furniture created a seperate space for their home office.  Voila!  No new furniture but a totally new look, feel and function.

~Ingrid, Livonia NY