Teaching Organization Is What It’s All About!

Welcome to Neat Nest Organizing!

Neat Nest OrganizingMy name is Robin Bastian, professional organizer and owner of Neat Nest Organizing- proudly serving Rochester NY and the Finger Lakes since 2011.

I have a passion for helping people reorganize, eliminate clutter and find greater peace, comfort and efficiency in their homes and spaces.

I enjoy working side by side with clients to make their space reflect their goals, vision and desires. As much as possible, I work to incorporate and repurpose items such as containers and shelving that my clients already own when we are organizing their space. I take great joy and satisfaction in seeing people become freer, happier and more at ease in their own homes.

From my experience, an organized space is a peaceful place.  It would be my delight and privilege to work with you to create that kind of space!


Robin is a former elementary and special education teacher who has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education. She is a New York State permanently certified elementary, special education and reading instructor.


Using the skills she developed and implemented for twelve years as an educator, she teaches her clients organization skills and how to stay organized with an individual approach that addresses their specific needs.


Robin is a natural facilitator, tutor, coach and encourager who loves nothing more than using these skills and talents to help others achieve the goals they have for their lives and spaces.

Client Comments

“Robin has given me the ‘tools’ to do this on my own in other rooms of my house.”

 “No new furniture but a totally new look, feel and function.”

“I no longer have ‘storage’ in my house.  I have places for items I USE less frequently”

“There’s less tension in our home now.  I feel like you’ve given me a gift.”

Robin’s Story

“While I’ve always enjoyed eliminating clutter and organizing my own home and spaces, I had the privilege of helping a friend do the same. It brought me such delight and satisfaction to help free her from the burden of extra “stuff” and to create a space where she and her family could function easily and effortlessly in their day-to-day activities, find refuge from the hectic pace of today’s life and truly relax in peace and comfort in their own home. Her relief and joy added to my own and gave me the desire to share this rewarding process with as many people as possible.”