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Clutter elimination

Management systems

Space planning

Home organization

• kitchen

• mudroom/entryway

• closet/pantry

• bedroom

• basement

• playroom

• diningroom

• bathroom

• garage

Home office organization

• paperwork

• filing systems

Custom storage and design

Meal planning

Time management

Group presentations and classes

Our Policy:

You pick the package that will work best for you.  If we end up working for less time than the package you choose, the total cost will be reduced and reflect the time we worked together.  Similarly, if we decide to work for any additional hours, the cost will increase as the time will be billed at a rate of $30/hour for each extra hour we work.


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Get Your Feet Wet
2 hour organizing session- $59

• survey of your space

• discussion of goals and vision for the space (whats working and what’s not)

• basic hands on organizing which may include some or all of the following:

• clearing surface clutter

• “easy” sorting of items

• filing paperwork

• establish a basic organization system for small areas such as a drawer or desktop.

Roll Up Your Sleeves
4 hr organizing session- $119

• features of the 2 hour session PLUS

• time needed for more intensive hands on organizing

• clearing deeper clutter

• making sorting decisions that are more difficult

• filing a larger amount of paperwork

• beginning to establish a basic organizing system for larger areas such as a closet or a small room

Dig In
6 hour organizing session- $179

•features of the 6 and 8 hour sessions PLUS

• time needed for the most intensive hands-on organizing

This is a great package to choose if you already know that you have a large task to accomplish.  It provided the time needed for organizing a larger or more tedious space; or to clear, sort and organize a larger volume of “stuff”; or to possibly address more than one space.


Meal Planning 101
2 hour session- $59

• basic principles of creating a weekly or monthly meal plan

• packet of how-to’s, general tips and recipes to get you started

• freezer cooking, one-pot meals, 30 minute meals

• survey of your kitchen to assess ease and efficiency of meal prep

•some time to begin organizing your kitchen

•”homework” plan for next steps you can take


Time Management for Moms
2 hour session- $59

• how to structure your day so that you still have your sanity

•ideas for age-appropriate activities for your child(ren)

•techniques for engaging cooperation and building relationship with your child(ren)

•some time to organize and set up an “activity center” or a go-to “activity box”

This is a great package for moms who have little ones at home and would like to improve the flow of their day.  A little organization and preparation can go a long way toward creating a happier, more satisfying time at home together.

Group Presentations

Make Ahead Meals

Clear the Clutter

Time Management for Moms