Make Ahead Ravioli Lasagna

Make Ahead Freezer Meals - Easy Ravioli Lasagna - Uses four ingredients or less - keep it meatless or add some cooked ground meat. - Neat Nest Organizing

Make Ahead Ravioli Lasagna is today’s featured Make Ahead Mondays post.

And, it couldn’t be EASIER 🙂


Ingredients:  spaghetti sauce, frozen ravioli & shredded Mozzarella

Ravioli Lasagna - ingredients



Spread a bit of sauce in the bottom of an 11×7 baking dish. 

Ravioli Lasagna- sauce in pan

Layer frozen ravioli on bottom of pan.

Ravioli Lasagna-layer ravioli


 Add chopped broccoli (or ground beef, shredded zucchini, or NOTHING!)

Ravioli Lasagna-chopped broccoli


 Sprinkle shredded Mozzarella on top.

Ravioli Lasagna-mozzarella


 Spread sauce on next (about 3/4 c.).

Ravioli Lasagna-sauce



Layer more frozen ravioli. 

Ravioli Lasagna-ravioli layer 2


 Cover with remaining sauce.  BE SURE SAUCE COVERS RAVIOLI!

Ravioli Lasagna-cover with sauce


 Cover with foil and label.

Ravioli Lasagna-cover & label


 Put some extra Mozzarella in a zip top bag and tape it to the top.

Ravioli Lasagna-tape cheese to top

Put it in your freezer;  use within 4 – 8 weeks for best flavor quality.


To cook:  Preheat oven to 425. (ALWAYS PREHEAT THE OVEN FIRST WHEN USING GLASSWARE!)  This casserole can go from freezer to oven without being thawed.  Bake covered for 60 minutes until heated through.  Uncover, sprinkle with Mozzarella and return to oven for another 5 minutes until cheese melts.  YUM!


I have been making this recipe for MANY years with excellent results.  My recipe book notes say that I found it on a bag of Rosetto Ravioli in 1997 🙂 .


Happy Make Ahead Monday!  What will you make ahead this week to make your life easier next week?  I’d LOVE to know!


🙂 Robin

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  1. I’m pinning this one for sure – nothing I like better than an easy recipe that I can handle. Thanks!

    • Great, Maura! So glad!! 🙂

  2. Its really ok to freeze in a glass baking dish?!?!

    • Great question, Lucille! Yes, provided that the oven is PREHEATED first. Very important!! You can check out this chat board thread for details OR call Pyrex customer service at 800-999-3436 to verify. OR, use aluminum or metal 8x8s if you prefer!

  3. If I am making this fresh and not freezing it; how long do I bake it for? Would it still be at 425 degrees? Thanks so much!

    • Hi, Mary – yes, 425 degrees but for only 35 minutes. Then bake for an extra 5 minutes to melt the cheese on top. Thanks for the question & let me know how it turns out! 🙂

      • Is it ok to put together the night before and refrigerate as opposed to freeze? And if so, how long do I bake it for at 425?

        • Yes, Karen. I would think it would work fine to do that 🙂 . Since the ravioli will be thawed by then, I would cook it at a lower temp – maybe 350 or 375 – for 45 min to an hour (like a “regular” lasagna). Then, uncover and add the final cheese until melted.

        • Hi Karen,

          Wondering if you tried this and if it worked out ok. Thanks!

  4. I love this idea and can’t wait to hear more!

  5. Love all your receipts! Can’t wait to try them all!

    • Thanks, Pat! I’m glad that you enjoy them! 🙂

  6. Can you put the cheese on top and freeze? Or is there a reason why you add it the last 5 minutes?

    • Hi, Josette – I like to add it at the end so that the cheese stays “smooth” and doesn’t get overcooked. That’s more of a preference than a “must-do,” so if you’d like to add it to the top & freeze, you could. 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing this recipe! We used fresh spinach that I chopped slightly for my vegetable layer. From frozen it took about 75 minutes to get completely hot and cheese melted. I don’t know if that was my oven or not (new house and new oven, so I don’t know if it runs low yet).

    • So glad you enjoyed it, Rebecca! Thanks for the note regarding the time. I think I may add that to the range in the post above so that people can plan accordingly. Congratulations on the new house & oven, too! 🙂


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