How to Store K cups: 6 Clutter-free Ways

How to store K cups is the subject of today’s post and is inspired by a question I was recently asked.  

How to Store K Cups - Six Clutter-free Ways - Neat Nest Organizing


Ask the Organizer:

Dear Robin,

I received a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas.  While I am thrilled with the system,  I am stumped as to what to do with all of the K cups that go with it.  I am concerned about the clutter the coffee pods create and the space that the boxes take up on my countertop. So, “How to store K cups?” is my question for you. 

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the question.  Hmmmm, this one really got me thinking, too 🙂   I have researched a few options and also came up with a few of my own.  How to store K cups – here they are:


How about this under cabinet K cup holder?

Under Cabinet K cup Holder

This easy-to-install sleek design holds 24 cups and swings down for easy access. Then it swings up and under the cabinet for unseen storage.  Plus, it keeps your countertop clear, too! Those are a lot of great features for under $30.   To get more information and/or to order one, click here.


How about this under shelf coffee pod organizer that fits right in your cabinet?

Under Shelf K cup Holder for cabinet

Think of this K cup holder as an extra drawer that fits underneath the shelf in your kitchen cabinet.  It allows you to utilize unused space without losing storage space above or below the extra drawer. And, this one keeps your countertop free from coffee pod clutter, too!  At about $24, this is a great value as well. To read more information and/or to order one, click here.


At 6 inches wide, this CoffeeStack organizer is designed specifically for kitchen cabinets!

How to Store K cups I K cup cabinet I Neat Nest Organizing

This compact K cup holder holds 40 K cups in four drawers which pull down for easy viewing.  It eliminates coffee box clutter and saves valuable counter space as it conveniently concealed inside your kitchen cabinet. Color choices include silver, mocha, copper, wine and platinum.  For $29.99, this is a great value for the features it offers.  For more information or to order one, click here.


Look at this coffee storage drawer that fits underneath your Keurig!

Coffee Storage Drawer under Keurig

This easy-sliding drawer with space saving design fits directly underneath your coffee maker.  As long as you have enough height underneath your cabinets, this drawer could be your answer to the K cup storage question. Easy-access, clutter-free coffee pods storage for under $25 – seems win-win to me 🙂  To read more and/or to order, click here.


This crystal glass coffee storage drawer also looks nice!

Crystal Glass Coffee Storage Drawer

This glass drawer is the same concept as the wire and mesh one above it.  The Keurig sits on top while the K cups are stored in the drawer below.  This see-through glass drawer has a touch of elegance to it and provides the same clutter-free easy-access features, too. Also under $25!  To read more and/or to order one, click here.



A K cup carousel tower might also work for you!

Keurig Carousel Tower

If you have the counter space available, this slim and sleek carousel tower could be an option, too.  This $30 tower holds 30 K cups and has a Lazy Susan base for easy rotation and selection.  To read more and/or to order, click here.


You could also use Sterilite handy basketsin your own kitchen drawer!

K cups in handy basket

K cups in slim handy baskets


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Now that you’ve asked the organizer, let me ask you a question 🙂   Hmmm, how to store K cups:  which option do you like best and why?

Looking for more ways?  Check out How to Store K Cups – More Ideas!


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  1. My parents have the under the coffee maker drawer (my mom is all about having a place for everything) and it works great. The K cups stay organized, and everyone has easy access. Also a good option for those with limited drawer and counter space. 🙂

    • Thank you, Shannon! It’s great to know that the drawer works so well “in real life.” I love the easy-access + all-in-one-place concept of it, too. So glad you shared that with all of us 🙂

  2. All of the ideas on how to store the K cups were great! I don’t have room for tower, so it’s great to see the other ideas. I probably will try the drawer organizers!

    • So glad the ideas were helpful for you, Patty! I would love to see a picture of your organized K cups when you’re done 🙂



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