DIY Organizer: Faux Wooden Box

Form meets function in this DIY Faux Wooden Box from Neat Nest Organizing - Cover a sturdy cardboard box in wood grain adhesive Contact paper for a frugal organizer that is as easy to make as it is inexpensive.

DIY Organizer: Faux Wooden Box is the subject of today’s post.

This DIY organizer idea was born out of necessity and convenience.  I had finally had enough of the kindling boxes my dear husband was using for our wood stove.

Exhibit A:

faux box before ann

With regard to function, these boxes were ideal sizes for the kindling, but I found them sorely lacking in the decor department. So, I got out my tape measure and was hoping to shop for baskets or wooden boxes of the same size.


When it occurred to me that this was going to be a time consuming search ( and I wanted a change NOW 🙂 ), I remembered that I had a roll of wood grain adhesive Contact paper in my craft cupboard.

faux box materials ann


A little bit of measuring, cutting, peeling and sticking…

faux box four square ann


…yielded some eye-pleasing results!

faux wooden box after ann


Contact paper would not have worked well on the smaller uneven fruit box, so I went in search of a similar option.

faux box 2 ann

Can you believe that I found a shoebox in my closet that was the exact same size??  🙂


As in our organized mudroom, visual uniformity goes a long way toward adding a sense of order and peace.

before after box

Now our kindling boxes include both form AND function…and we’re both very happy with them.

What do you think of this DIY organizer?

🙂 Robin

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  1. That is absolutely brilliant!! Great idea 🙂

    • Thank you, Lucille! Necessity is the mother of invention. 🙂

  2. Definitely looks much better. And so cost effective!

    • Thanks, Ann! Yes, I love that it was inexpensive, too! 🙂


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