Decluttering Tips: Take the Time to Subtract

"If you always add and never subtract, you will end up burying yourself." 5 things you can subtract from your space and declutter now. - Neat Nest Organizing

Today’s decluttering tips comes in the form of a quote by my professional organizing mentor, Peter Walsh.  This one is found in my favorite book by him called It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff.  So, as Peter would say, it’s time to “do the math,” and clear out some excess stuff for a freer, more peaceful, less cluttered space and life.  read more…

Bathroom Organizing Tips: Command Razor Holder

Bathroom Organizing Tips - 3M Command Hook Razor Holder - why I love it! - Neat Nest Organizing

A razor holder by 3M Command brand is the subject of today’s bathroom organizing tips post.

I was surprised to learn recently that my favorite Command Hook company also makes great adhesive organizing products for the bathroom!  So, when I saw this 3M Command Razor Holder , I had to have it.  We’ve been using it for over a month now and it’s one of my new favorite bathroom organizing products.   read more…

Decluttering Tips: “Wait 48″ Principle

Wait 48 Banner Pinterest

Wait 48 is the subject of today’s decluttering tips post.

To reduce clutter in your space, you must limit what comes into your space.  As my organizing mentor, Peter Walsh says, “If you always add and never subtract, you will eventually bury yourself.”  Today’s decluttering tips principle will help you to prevent adding clutter to your space so that you can also work on subtracting from it, and see greater progress sooner.  read more…

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