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Hi! I’m glad you’re here.

I am Robin Bastian of Neat Nest Organizing. Since 2011 I have been helping people reorganize, clear clutter and find greater peace, comfort and happiness in their lives and spaces.

I am here to help you overcome everyday organizing challenges, and I provide suggestions and solutions that address the specific needs and goals of each client I serve.  There is no one approach that fits all.  As we work side-by-side in your space, I will listen to you and help to create systems that make sense for you and are easy to follow through on. We will work together to establish a level of organization that you are comfortable with.  Perfection is never the goal.  I take great joy and satisfaction in seeing people become freer, happier and more at ease in their own homes.

When I’m not working one-on-one with a client, you can find me speaking to groups and teaching them clutter-clearing techniques and basic organizing principles. Online on my blog, you’ll hear me share expert advice along with tips, ideas and encouragement for keeping your life simple, organized and clutter-free. I do the same on Neat Nest Organizing’s Facebook page where I celebrate successes that others share with me and answer questions, too.

From my experience, an organized space is a peaceful place.  It would be my delight and privilege to work with you to create that kind of space.



Robin is a former elementary and special education teacher who has a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in education. She is a permanently certified New York State elementary, special education and reading instructor.


Robin spent twelve years as an elementary school educator and helps her clients in the same way she once helped her students.  She is gifted at breaking  large tasks into smaller manageable  tasks that are more easily accomplished.  Robin teaches her clients organizing skills and equips them to maintain their newly organized space.


Robin is a natural facilitator, tutor, coach and encourager.  She loves nothing more than using these skills and talents to help others achieve the goals they have for their lives and spaces.  Home organizing, public speaking and in-home class instruction are her specialties.

Home Organizing Tips, Ideas & Encouragement

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